Countryside vacation

Countryside vacation
Handicrafts and traditions of the Dzūkija region


Rūta Sakalienė invites you to stay at their countryside cabin in Marcinkonys, the center of Dzūkija National Park. We have built our cabin in the traditional style of our people, the Dzūkai of southern Lithuania. You will find the basic comforts: hot and cold water, shower, sauna, WC, range, refrigerator.

Escape for a few days from your city ways! Enjoy the romance of everyday country life: cooking with a wood stove, washing in the brook, using the outhouse.

At our home you'll see our exhibits of:

Folk costumes 



Our cabin has two rooms, one with four beds ( rents for 300 Litai a night ), the other with two beds ( rents for 100 Litai a night ). Are you a family with small children? We offer discounts.

We welcome guests year round. Do you have a large group? We can accommodate up to 30 people to camp outside. The cost is only 15 Litai per person.

Before you come, we ask that you let us know by telephone or email.

Our address:

Naujalių st. 15, Marcinkonys village,

Varėna district,

Lithuania, Europe

Phone number: +370 615 34306

E-mail: marcinkonyse@sakalai.lt